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Volunteer FixMy Street Super User Scheme

Oxfordshire – Volunteer FixMy Street Super User Scheme.

A FixMy Street Super User is someone who uses the FixMy Street link- to report issues on the public highways.


The Super User is given extra 'authority' to raise works orders for minor works (potholes).

It’s generally someone who has time to walk around the residential streets where you live, keeping an eye out for potholes and damaged kerbs, acting as eyes and ears for your area Highways Officer. 


As a SU you can authorise Category 2 Pothole defects on unclassified roads with a maximum speed of 30mph.


Once trained you will be able to raise defect repairs below:

  • Potholes to a maximum of 1x2m with a minimum 40mm deep.
  • Pathways ‘                                                                ‘20mm deep
  • Kerbing – Missing/loose stones


This helps support our Highways Officer in reporting defects on our roads. 


Next steps:


Training is via a Teams meeting which takes about 1 hour. There is usually one training session a month.

Following training I will arrange to deliver the paint and PPE and provide onsite training and arrange for the volunteer agreement form to be signed.


If you would like to know further details please contact Nigel Clark.


Nigel Clark

Volunteer Coordination - Environment & Place

Oxfordshire County Council

Tel:  07796938892