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Vision For The Future

Carterton Town Council - Vision for the Future

The Town Council's aim is to improve the range and quality of services it provides to the residents of Carterton. In particular we seek to:

  • Represent the views and wishes of all residents of Carterton
  • Promote equality of access to all our residents.
  • Preserve the traditions and identity of the town.
  • Work independently and in partnership with others to improve the quality of life, by developing and improving facilities and services while providing value for money.
  • Encourage investment in the town, in order to promote its economic well-being.
  1. Quality Services

    The Council provides a number of services to the local population. It will seek to ensure that these services meet the needs of the local population and that they represent value for money. The Council welcomes the involvement of residents in its decision-making process and will consult residents on issues of importance. The Council will work with WODC and OCC to ensure a co-ordinated approach to issues of mutual interest.

    The Council will actively publicise vacancies and seek councillors for co-option or election, as appropriate, whenever a vacancy arises. Applications are welcomed from all members of the community over the age of 18 who reside in or within three miles of the town.

  2. Encourage Partnership/Sponsorship Approach and Funding

    The Town Council is one of many organisations working within the Community. We should encourage investment of both time and resources by other agencies to help achieve our objectives. We should join forces with the County and District Councils and with the business community, voluntary bodies and local residents associations for the benefit of the community. We will facilitate and encourage sponsorship wherever this is appropriate.

  3. Development of the Town Centre

    It is widely recognised that the centre of Carterton needs to be developed further. The continued planned growth in the population of the Town over the next ten years will increase the demand for employment and retail opportunities within the Town.

    We will undertake environmental improvements in the town centre with increased planting.

  4. Employment

    The Council wants to increase the number and range of employment opportunities found within the town.

    The Council welcomes investment in the expansion of RAF Brize Norton as this is the largest employer in the town. The Council welcomes the success of Ventura Park and will actively encourage the development of other sites where units can be purchased. We will look to encourage aeronautical industries on the back of the expansion of RAF Brize Norton. We will press WODC to improve the Carterton South Industrial Estate and look to identify new land for employment.

  5. Law and Order

    The Town Council will work with the Police and other agencies to reduce vandalism and criminal activity within the Town. Antisocial behaviour and vandalism continue to be a problem and particular emphasis will be given to addressing the problems being experienced on property and land owned by the Town Council. 

  6. Public Services

    The Town Council welcomes the introduction of post 16 education at the Community College and hopes this can be expanded. 

    We will continue to look for opportunities to widen the range of the services we provide to residents on behalf of OCC and WODC.

  7. Leisure and Recreation

    The Council is committed to increasing recreational activities for all age groups and, in particular, activities for teenagers, the elderly and the infirm. 

    The Council recognises that, following advice from central government, there have been changes to the way play opportunities are provided. We have developed a play policy and are now working with the RAF to provide varied and challenging play opportunities across the town. We have refurbished The Maples play area, the play area on the Alvescot Road Recreation Ground, the Skatepark on Upavon Way, and more recently the play area at Pampas Close.

  8. Major Developments 

  9. Discussions about the future expansion of the town continue. The Town Council has made a case for up to 1,000 new houses by 2026 and this is being considered by WODC as part of the Local Development Framework.

    If development is approved, we will seek to influence s106 agreements at an early stage. We will also be looking for areas of open space for recreational purposes. The Council will ensure that areas of amenity land for which it is to be responsible are well designed and easy to maintain.

  10. Individual Developments

  11. The Council will seek to ensure that new developments are in keeping with the architecture of the town and that highway and other issues are considered.

    The Council will oppose the erection of communication masts where these are considered to be too close to residential areas or educational establishments.

  12. New Cemetery Site

  13. The existing cemetery at Black Bourton was extended in 2004 but will only provide space for another two years (as at 2017). The Council continues to look for a new site for a cemetery but recognises that this will probably only be achieved as part of an s106 agreement following new housing development.

  14. Landholdings

  15. The Council owns various parcels of land within the Town. It will manage these in such a way as to secure value for money for the local ratepayers whilst also protecting open spaces which would otherwise be at risk of development. We will register our landholdings with the Land Registry.

  16. Increase the awareness of Carterton

  17. The Council wants to raise the profile of the town but is aware that this task will be easier once it can offer a wider range of facilities. Individual events are promoted and coverage has improved. 

    The Council publishes an Annual Report. The Carterton Crier, a quarterly publication, gives details of the Council's activities and is circulated to every household in the town.

    The Council will continue to appoint representatives to serve on a range of outside organisations. 

    Council staff will maximise the use of IT resources, making increasing use of email and developing further the website. 

  18. Review of this Document

  19. The Council will review this Vision Statement every two years to ensure that our priorities reflect those of the local residents.


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