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What is C-CELL-G ?
C-CELL-G is the nemonic for:- 
Carterton Churches Ecumenical Lay Liaison Group.

This is a group of lay representatives volunteering from and approved by their respective churches and working for Churches Together in Carterton.
Formed following discussions at The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2010, meetings are held on the first Monday of each month for prayer and planning.
A diary is produced every 2-3 months showing the special activities of member churches and those planned as joint events by C-CELL-G (the churches take it in turns to produce this, with the clergy or a church leader of that church writing the foreword). The front of the diary gives regular activities and contact numbers/websites of each church, and current copies are available in the vestibules of all the churches.

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For more information, or to offer suggestions, telephone 01993 841786 or email   

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