Carterton Town Hall

Application for hire of the Town Hall should be made between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm on any weekday. Telephone 01993 842156. Keys should be collected  prior to 4.00 pm on the day of the booking, or the day before if a weekend booking.

A deposit of £20 for recognised Carterton organisations/residents and £50 for commercial and all other bookings is required with the application form to secure the booking, which will be refunded on payment of the hire charge, provided no damage or breakages have occurred. A charge of £20 will be made if a booking does not take place, unless 24 hours notice of cancellation is given. Hire charges are for the period of time requested on the booking form, even if an event finishes early, as the room would not be available to other hirers.

Hire Charges are as follows:


Carterton Resident/

Non-Carterton Resident/

·     Monday-Friday Daytime up to 6.00pm

£6.00 per hour

£8.00 per hour

·     Monday-Friday Evening after 6.00pm

£8.00 per hour

£10.00 per hour

·     Saturday & Sunday

£8.00 per hour

£10.00 per hour

·     Use of Kitchen

£2.00 per hour

£2.00 per hour

·     Commercial Bookings:

£16.00 per hour

£26.00 per hour

Groups that meet three out of the four of the following criteria will not be charged:

· The majority of members of the group are over 65 years old
· More than 80% of the members live within Carterton parish
· The objectives of the group are to provide company, stimulation and to improve well being by  undertaking a specific activity
· The majority of the members live on a state pension.

Minimum Booking – one hour in every instance. Please note that our hall is fairly small and is more suited to meetings and group sessions. It is not suitable for private parties, discos, live music, playgroups etc. No animals are permitted in the Town Hall with the exception of Assistance Dogs, unless authorised in advance by the Town Clerk. All breakages or any damage caused must be promptly reported to Town Hall staff.

WEEKEND AND EVENING BOOKINGS – The heating and hot water will be preset for the time you are using the hall. Please do not amend the heating/hot water controls, as this will be to the detriment of the next user of the premises.

WEEKDAY BOOKINGS – Please note that the Town Hall is in use by members of staff 9.00 am to 5.00 pm each weekday. The kitchen and toilets will therefore be shared, and it would be appreciated if noise levels could be kept to a minimum. Permission must be sought for the moving of tables, chairs or any other fixtures and fittings.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are Fire Doors to be left propped open. The Emergency Exit doors must be used only in an emergency. The Town Council carries out regular fire risks assessments of the property as required by the Fire Safety Order 2005. Copies may be inspected on request.

IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE OR OTHER EMERGENCY, please note that there is a fire blanket, a First Aid kit and a CO2 fire extinguisher in the kitchen, and a water fire extinguisher at the top of the stairs. Please acquaint yourself with the Health & Safety notes just inside the kitchen. In the event of a fire please leave the building promptly and call the emergency services. The last person out should check that all rooms are empty, and doors closed, then assemble at the Fire Assembly Point located in the Car Park to the rear of the building.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is the Entrance Foyer to be used for displaying goods, and no placards, goods or tables are to be placed outside the Town Hall. Remember, you are hiring the Meeting Hall only (and the Kitchen when booked). In the interests of security, the front doors of the Town Hall should remain closed during your hire. Doors should not be blocked by furnishings or goods.

PRIOR TO LEAVING THE PREMISES, please sweep floors, discard all unwanted food and drink, and leave the kitchen, hall and toilets in a clean and tidy condition. Please note, a charge of £20 will be made for cleaning if the kitchen and/or toilets are not left in a satisfactory condition, i.e. as they are found. On leaving the building, all lights and electrical appliances are to be switched off, and plugs should be removed from their sockets. At the end of your hire, please switch off kettle, water boiler and oven if these have been used. Check that the Toilets are vacated before switching off lights and locking up. All windows are to be closed, doors locked, and keys returned through the letterbox in the envelope provided.

KEY HOLDERS: The key holders to the building are the Town Warden and Caretaker. In the event of any emergency during your hire, please telephone the Town Warden on 01993 842649 or the Caretaker on 01993 843735. Please do not use these numbers for routine calls.

PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE anywhere in the Town Hall and please do not drop cigarette ends or litter at the front of the building.

PLEASE NOTE: The Town Council takes precedence over all other hirings and reserves the right to cancel bookings if necessary.

Updated April 2019

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