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Carterton Football Club

More than thirty years ago, Kilkenny football ground rose from a stony rubbish dump.

In1983 all Carterton's football teams amalgamated to pool resourses to find some ground on which to make a purpose built home for football in Carterton. Thirty years ago the town was full of energetic and resourceful people who gave freely of their talents to create a ground and clubhouse . Anybody (literally hundreds) with an interest in football or in the town volunteered to help establish Kilkenny Lane Football Ground - which in its heyday was said to be second in the county for its excellent facilities  (Oxford United being the leader).

Every team found a way to raise money for the project, from sponsored walks and jumble sales to selling bricks at the annual May Day Fair. The Under 10s team raised enough money to buy a much needed dumper.

Planning permission was granted in March 1984, and the first phase of the building was completed through a summer of soaring temperatures, while the roof went on in howling October gales.

The first drink was served by Glynn Yates from behind the downstairs bar (there was as yet no upstairs) on December 17th 1984. However the building was officially opened in March 1985 by Lou Macari, the then Swindon Town manager and Jim Smith, the then Oxford United Manager.

Carterton Football Club
Kilkenny Lane
OX18 1DY

Chairman: Phil Godfrey Tel: 01993 852618 / 07813 709207
Club Secretary: Rich Barnes Tel: 07713 611339

(Information correct as at August 2018)



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