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Brownies and Guides 

Guides are young girls and women between 5 and 25 years old. They belong to one of four sections according to their age:

  • Rainbow Guides, five years and over 
  • Brownie Guides, seven years and over
  • Guides, ten years and over
  • Senior Section members, 14 to 25 years.

Guides are individuals and not conformed to a standard mould. Each girl has her own talent, skills and interests - unique to her. Guiding challenges her to use and extend these abilities in a positive way. Guiding is about doing one's best, not meeting set targets in a strict time limit. Guiding is fun.

Guiders are volunteer leaders trained to help girls and young women achieve their full potential. Any women between her 18th and 65th birthdays can become a Guider, as long as she is willing and able to make the Guide Promise and undertake the necessary training.

Brize Norton District covers RAF Brize Norton, Carterton and Minster Lovell areas and further information can be obtained from Pam Howard Joint Chair 01993 844631 or Carol Hadgraft 01993 842562.

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