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Rushing to the nursery to collect my daughter
I was stopped, in my tracks, by the serenity.
Three ranks of miniature Golden trumpets all aligned.
Stood to attention; faces to the right, waiting.
An honour guard for the fallen - solid, unfailing.
Witnesses to a solemn reunion, met in grief.
Our boys and girls, so young, but restful now and at ease.

Planted so neatly, and so perfectly spaced.
Lovingly placed by someone who knows and understands
the need to honour those who have given their lives.
A busy day forgotten, in the space of a moment,
by a garden of reflection for our community.
Joined by a history of duty and service.
Stopped in my tracks by daffodils, and I was glad.

Clare Desforges 

This small group of islands that we call home, cover such a little space.
But our tiny nation has always been proud to protect the rights of the human race.
Our history books are filled with heroes, who never turned away from the fight.
But stepped forward with honour, to defend, what they believed was right.
And now our modern day heroes, are following in the paths their ancestors laid.
So that we people of Great Britain can live life unafraid.
They volunteer to serve this country, leaving their homes and their loved ones behind.
Uncertain of where they will need to go, or what conflicts they will find.
While we sleep soundly in our beds, they are fighting in a distant place.
Coping with danger, and experiencing things that young people shouldn’t have to face.
Obeying orders without question, and facing whatever their tasks might be.
Doing their duty with honour, and facing their fate with dignity.
The freedom we take for granted, doesn’t come without a price.
That’s paid by our service men and women, who also risk the ultimate sacrifice.
The fact we are free to live our lives in the way we wish to do.
Is owed to the outstanding courage of our HEROES – such as you.

Doreen Clarke 


My kingdoms not within these walls,
That hold the dull and boring in,
Far out the daily grind
Lies more than can be seen from here.
So have no fear to set your course,
And break those chains that hold you back,
Then onwards soar to things untold.
Avoid rehearsals and constant playbacks,
Take life for living, here and now,
And with your loved ones set the pace
Don't say cannot when you can.
But do it now and take your chance,
For once it's past, the moments gone.

Cllr Martin McBride 

The Glories of a Garden 

Many years ago we started a garden,
With visions of great things and arrays of flowers.
Thoughts of vegetable and fruit, and a fish pond.
With lawns and space to sit, in sunny hours.
All these thoughts eventually came to fruition,
We had many years with new ideas that appeared.
The sweet peas were a mayor glory, their scent long remembered.
The roses multiplied and are now marvelous,
We added alpine flowers and a Japanese garden
Adorned with a superb dragon supplied by our daughter.
Not to mention the presents of lots of friends.
Now the years have gone by and our garden we love,
And I think of it as a garden of remembrance,
For everything in it has come through the years.
Each item we look at recalls friends, and most of all
Our sons and our daughter, the grandchildren too.
Now the addition of great grandchildren, who,
Delight in the garden with so much to see,
With places to hide, and have fun, and be free,
So, although it's now just a bit of a struggle
To keep it all nice and get rid of muddle,
It is such a delight to get our chairs in the sun
To savour the job of what we have done

 Cllr Dee Bulley 


May There Always Be An England

May there always be an England in this beautiful corner of the world.
May the red and white flag of St. George always be free to fly unfurled.
May our children be proud of their heritage, and learn to love this country to which they belong.
And may they be given the wisdom to follow the paths that are right, and steer away from those that are wrong.

May these peaceful shores of England, never know the ravages of war again.
So that the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives, will not have died in vain.
May we be tolerant, and give a welcome to those who come here from foreign shores.
But may we hope they repay the respect we give, and observe our English laws.

May we treasure our scenic countryside, that is free for us all to roam.
May we count our blessings that we are fortunate enough, to call this beautiful country our home.
May we safeguard our castles and national monuments, and support their upkeep in every way.
So that our descendants can enjoy their history and traditions, forever and a day.

May we look after our English industry, which used to have worldwide acclaim.
May we take pride when items manufactured in England, bear an English name.
May our businesses be blessed with growth and prosperity, so that the English economy can thrive.
May we support our local shops and traders so that rural communities can survive.

May we remember when we led the world by creating the National Health.
And may we remember that it was always to be for the good of the patient, and just for creating management wealth.
And may we give thanks for our wonderful doctors and nurses, who at times hold our lives in their hand.
And may we pray we can go back to those days when each hospital, had a matron who was totally in command.

May we be grateful for our good old English bobbies, who tackle crime on their beat.
Unarmed, they answer each emergency call, never knowing what they will meet.
And may we pray that English justice will clamp down harder than before.
With punishments that really fit the crime for anyone who breaks the English law.

May we pay honour to Her Majesty the Queen, who has ruled over us with such dedication and care.
And may we be grateful for our young princes William and Harry, who have endowed the Royal Family with a wonderful breath of fresh air.
And may we be grateful that those young princes are so in touch with the modern day.
That thanks to them, there is a very good chance that our Monarchy will be here to stay.

May our children of tomorrow be granted the carefree childhood we enjoyed at their age.
May they know freedom of choice, and freedom of speech, at every passing stage.
And may that freedom, that our ancestors fought for, forever guard England’s shore.
Until the very last moments in time – when the sun goes dark, and this world will exist no more.

Doreen Clarke


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