Suzi Coul
5 Manor Road
OX18 1EB

Tel: 07775 464349

Any Special Interests

I enjoy growing fruit and vegetables, and looking after my hens.

From May until September I spend most weekends attending vintage steam rallies. The engineering of this era fascinates me and I would love to have my own steam engine some day. When I am not doing this I can usually be found in my craft room making my latest project.

Education, youth provision, inclusive care of the elderly, small business support and the environment are my main areas of interest. Giving our children the best start in life and an appropriate education is very important. As is looking after our elderly residents and ensuring that they are treated with respect and care. Small businesses are key to our local economy and I would like more support for this essential part of our community.

I am also passionate about transparency within local government and community involvement.

What I love best about my town:

I have lived in Carterton for most of my life, choosing to move back here after university. I love that Carterton still has the same community spirit that I grew up with. It is a safe and supportive place to live and have a family. We are so close to beautiful countryside and yet only an hour or so from being in the middle of London.

I am proud to call Carterton my home.

What next for Carterton?

The regeneration of our town centre is long overdue. Making our town a destination and getting a coherent redevelopment of this area would make a huge difference.

Future housing development should be in Carterton's best interests, not the developers.

Being a new town, we do not have a long history. However, the heritage we do have should be embraced and the vernacular of older areas of the town needs to be protected.

Better road infrastructure, both within and out of Carterton, is needed before any further development.  Seeing the industrial site by the main gate to RAF Brize Norton finally finished and fully occupied. Support and preserving our essential services that face cuts, or even closure, during this period of austerity.

Making Carterton stand proud as the second largest town in West Oxfordshire and ensuring that we get the resources that are needed.

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