Councillor Roger CrapperCllr. Roger Crapper

13 Corbett Road, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3LG
T: - 01993 843236
E: -
Town Ward: - Milestone

Special Interests

Travel, Politics, Business interests, Scouting, Wilts and Berks Canal Trust, Engineering - especially mechanical, civil and automotive and, of course, family.

What I love best about my town

Carterton has numerous interesting and public spirited residents, many of whom I am proud to regard as friends. It is a relatively modern, unpretentious town which is striving, with the help of many individuals and organisations, to improve itself. This makes it an exciting place to be and I would not wish to live anywhere else.

What next for Carterton?

Carterton needs a better road system to serve its growing population, not only within the town, but also to provide better access to the outside world.

It also needs more employment opportunities; too many people have to travel elsewhere for work.

There is a pressing need for more and better sports and recreation areas, preferably in the form of a Sports Village. This would allow better use of facilities where appropriate, such as the sharing of pitches and also of changing rooms and refreshment outlets.

The Town needs a good family Pub/Restaurant and other good eating establishments; we have plenty of take-aways but few 'sit-downers'.

I hope that the growing population and the willingness of the new supermarkets to expand into Carterton will encourage more and varied shops to follow in their footsteps so that we need not travel elsewhere for much of our shopping. Shoe and clothes shops, jewellers and many others would be very beneficial.

There is also, of course, a need for a new burial ground.


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