Cllr Mrs D Bulley

Cllr. Mrs. Dee Bulley

Councillor Mrs Dee Bulley

53 Swinbrook Road, Carterton, Oxon, OX18 1DY 

T: - 01993 842427
E: -
Town Ward: Shillbrook

Special Interests

I became a Councillor when, like a lot of residents, I had issues with neighbours and with the provision of services in my town. I very soon learnt that the way to improve life was to put myself in a position of influence where I could change attitudes and make things happen - the rest, as they say, is 'history'! I have worked very hard for 30 years lobbying for a fire station and hope to see one in Carterton before I retire from local politics. I was heavily involved with fundraising for the military charities and am proud to have raised thousands of pounds for the poppy appeal each year.

What I love best about my town

I am a former service wife who has raised my family in this town. Carterton is our 'Little bit of England'. The people are generous, warm and very community orientated. I love the wide open tree lined roads in Carterton and the fact that you are always only a hop from the countryside.

What next for Carterton?

We are an important town and should be treated as such by the District and County Councils. The way for us to achieve what we need is to shape our own destiny by drawing up a Neighbourhood Plan and making our wish list a reality. The Carterton Masterplan is the first step in that direction.

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