Councillor Martin McBride 

17 Meadow Way, Carterton, Oxon, OX18 1JP
Tel: - 01993 845169
Email: -
Town Ward: Upavon

Special Interests:-
To bring the Council together for the good of our town and its residents. To improve the transparency of how the Council works and decisions made on behalf of our taxpaying public. 

Why I became a councillor:-
I became a Councillor when Ady Coomber was Mayor. My wife Jenny and I have lived in Carterton for twelve years and I believed it was time for me to be involved in helping to develop the town and ensure that the Council was making the most efficient use of residents' money in a clear and transparent manner. To help me achieve things for Carterton, I am now also a District Councillor for the Carterton North East Ward.

I got to know a lot of people through my work as Chairman of the U3A and listened to many comments on what they thought about living in the town and its surrounding villages. I want to achieve the best possible for our community from the district and county councils. I believe there is a need to further develop a sense of pride in Carterton, particularly from the newer residents. New developments should not be considered as 'satellites' but be part of Carterton.

What I love best about my town:-
Its closeness to the countryside. Its open tree lined roads. Its friendly, down to earth people. The convenience of a leisure centre with swimming pool. Free parking and good bus service to Oxford.

What next for Carterton:-
Develop the town centre to attract more business and residents. To ensure that new housing developments add to the town and are not ‘tomorrow’s slums’. To improve leisure/sporting facilities. To develop and communicate the Council’s ideas and plans through interaction with its residents.

Membership of Committees:-





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