Cllr Chris Delaney

47 Oakfield Road, Carterton, OX18 3SN
E -
T - 07787 147246
Town Ward - Gateway

Special Interests:

I enjoy taking part in outdoor activities such as cycling and running. My main interests are teaching/promoting water safety to both adults and children. I have taught thousands of people to swim over the years and still get a buzz out of watching how they develop with both water confidence and swimming technique enabling other outdoor water based sports.

What I love best about my town:

The people are friendly most of the time.

Being close to the Cotswolds countryside.

What next for Carterton?

Carterton is growing and expanding very quickly. I would like to see the Town Centre developed with more named shops to include a decent coffee shop. The road network needs to be improved; whilst we have a regular bus service, the A40 struggles to cope with the volume of traffic.


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