Cllr Carol Wilson

7 Boundary Lane, Carterton, OX18 1LR 
E -
T - 01993 843935
Town Ward - Upavon


Any Special Interests?

I enjoy working with and being with the children at school.  I also enjoy helping people and being with family and friends.  I really enjoy working on my garden, when I have the time, and I take pleasure in enjoying it when the work is done by relaxing with a good book or listening to Queen.

What I love best about my town

I have seen Carterton grow since 1964 and it is still a growing town as Carterton Town Council have recently embarked on a Masterplan which will help us to begin the regeneration of the Town Centre and its surroundings.  I find it a happy and friendly place to live and I hope that my commitment along with the commitment of others, will only help to attract more people to live, work and visit here in the town that I love.

What next for Carterton?

Carterton needs to grow and expand in order to create more jobs, housing and recreation that it deservedly needs. As I have already mentioned, this will be helped by the Masterplan document that has been produced. I would like to see a bigger variety of shops to bring new trade into the town as well as helping the existing trade grow. I would like to see more youth activities around the town so that we can be a town that also attracts the younger generation.

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